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QII: Quality Insulation Inspection for Title 24 California Energy Compliance

In order to help ensure that your home or business area abides by the California Energy Code's Title 24 Regulation, a Quality Insulation Inspection or QII must be done. This type of inspection is done by a certified HERS (Home Energy Rating System) inspector and verifies that the building's insulation is set to the standard required by the California Energy Commission. 

In Sacramento valley, QII provides ones of the largest increases in building performance. QII ensures that the building envelope or the materials around the building help provide uniform insulation and are energy efficient. 

What Happens During a QII? 

During a Quality Insulation Inspection, the HERS certified technician will check the thermal envelope of the building and make sure that what is specified in your Title 24 report is adhered to. For example, if the exterior wall calls for a R19 insulation, the HERS inspector will confirm that the exterior wall has R19 equivalent or better installed. Since residential homes are made with many different types of insulating material, each type of material must be verified by the HRES rater to ensure that the home complies with the Energy Commission's standards.

Some methods of checking includes measurement of thickness, others such as blow in type of insulation is to check by weight. We have the necessary tools to check for moisture within the insulation to confirm it is within California Energy Commission standards. To check for air leakage, certain tests may be performed to determine if there is an air leak and to what degree.

What Does a HERS Rater Look for in a QII?

HERS Rater (also known as inspector) will get to know your Title 24 report and walk through the building and identify the different types of insulation and mark each section of the house, meanwhile taking photos for documentation. If lower insulation is installed, for example R13 installed when R21 is called for, a correction notice will be provided.

The HERS Rater will also confirm the top plate of the frame has foam strips so when the sheetrock goes in no air leakage will occur.

Another thing the HERS Rater looks for in a QII is to make sure the insulation is not compressed in areas where electrical wires are running. In this case, insulation must be cut so half of the insulation goes on one side of the wire, and the other half on the other side.

Correction Notices

If insulation installation has not met the standards of the Energy Commission, a correction notice may be served. Many issues could be corrected while the HERS Rater is still on site, where others would require an additional visit for pictures for proof of correction. If there are any questions or need additional information or explanations on how to correct the issue, we are available to assist while the HERS Rater is still on site, or by calling our office. We are here for you to succeed in your construction project. A few examples of correction needed.

Missing Insulation

Missing Insulation on exterior Wall During QII

Compressed Insulation by Electrical Wire

Compressed Insulation By Electrical Wire During QII Correction

Top Plate has missing foam strips for air leakage

Missing Foam Strip on Top Plate During QII Correction

During Home Construction

In order to obtain a building construction permit, a HERS-certified technician will need to verify QII energy compliance. They'll need to ensure, for example, that the measurements of batt and blanket insulation line up with the R-values from that specific material's manufacturer. For walls, roofs, ceilings and floors, the materials will need to be in conformance with all applicable building codes, including relevant quality standards. Not only that, but the materials chosen also need to comply with various flame spread and smoke density ratings. 

What Does a HERS Rater Do?

During a QII, the HERS-rater verifies the thickness of insulation in walls, roof or ceilings and floors and makes sure that insulation is at the R-value level needed for proper compliance. The HERS-rater also ensures that other documentation is in place to maintain proper compliance. In addition, the technician will ensure that all of the provisions included in the Residential Appendix (RA2) are met. This type of Quality Insulation Inspection should be handled only by a trained, certified and experienced HERS professional who thoroughly understands California Building Code and Energy Code and how it applies to buildings, residences and ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) in Sacramento valley and surrounding areas

QII Certification

If everything is installed and tested and found to be in compliance, the HERS-rater will issue a Certificate of Installation. This certification shows that the installation matches the specifications that the building permit was issued for and typically includes the installer's company name, the insulation company, the manufacturer's name and what type of material it is, as well as it's installed R-value. The contractor or whoever is responsible for installing the installation also needs to complete the Certificate of Installation form and include data sheets for all types of insulation materials used in the process. 

How Can Poppy Energy Help?

At Poppy Energy, our HERS-certified technicians can provide Title 24 HERS tests as needed in order to secure relevant building permits or insulation installation certification. We can also coordinate with your building insulation contractors, energy consultants or designers to ensure that your project meets all necessary compliance codes and regulations. We work with both residential and commercial projects and can also conduct duct leakage testing in order to test and verify air-tightness as well as locate leaks if any are found. 

Contact our proficient and diligent team today for all of your QII and HERS certification requirements. Our experienced professionals will contact you right away with more details on how to take the next steps.

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Happy Customers

Igor S., Home BuilderAntelope, CA (yelp)
What a great experience!
WOW, I got my compliance report within 2 days with an explanation of the important parts of the report and how it affects my new house. Since this report was registered, I submitted the Title 24 report and my plans with Sacramento County. No issues there. Paul also stated that they offer QII (Quality Insulation Inspection) that was needed right after the rough in stage stage. Lana came out and did an awesome job with the inspection and made a correction notice for the insulation company to return and fix part of the insulation. Had a very positive experience and would highly recommend Poppy Energy for your new house, ADU or addition.
Grace K., Residential Home OwnerGranite Bay, CA
I would recommend Poppy Energy any day to anyone
I would recommend Poppy Energy any day to anyone. Professionals at Poppy Energy are about the best hands to work on my home. After a proper diagnosis, Lana carried me along every step of the way and my duct leakage test was carried within a few days. Now I can properly conserve energy for my home.
Oliver B., Project ManagerSacramento, CA
Poppy Energy Delivered Fast
Time was running out and the building project was far behind schedule. Poppy Energy put together my Title 24 Compliance Report in a few days and it got approved without any delays. They are very detailed, efficient, and professional. They deliver on their promise and I definitely look forward to working with Poppy Energy on future projects.
Justina. B., Home OwnerRoseville, CA
Knowledgeable, Courteous and Helpful
Lana performed the inspection for the new AC Unit for my home. She was knowledgeable, courteous and helpful. She was professional and properly geared; I felt comfortable having her in our home. She took time out to explain the settings and made recommendations on efficient HVAC usages. Delivery was excellent and timely. I would definitely recommend Poppy Energy to anyone.
Lois S., Home OwnerFolsom, CA
Very friendly staff and excellent delivery
Very friendly staff and excellent delivery right on time and at a fair price. Paul was kind enough to walk me through the HERS test process and never got tired of my many questions. After booking an appointment, I got the HERS testing done for my new house in about 1 hour. Keep up the good work!
Antonio D., Project ManagerSacramento, CA
The team outmatched my expectations
I contacted Poppy Energy on the recommendation of a previous client. After several issues with other HERS raters, I was a bit skeptical but working Poppy Energy changed my perspective. The team outmatched my expectations. The HVAC Unit for the building was inspected and Quality Insulation Inspection done within time and budget.
Christopher K., New Construction DeveloperSacramento, CA
At Poppy Energy, every customer counts
I switched to Poppy Energy about three months ago and I must commend the outstanding staff and quality service I’ve received in such a short while for our projects. At Poppy Energy, every customer counts.
Jonathan M., Real Estate AgentCitrus Heights, CA
Keeping customers satisfied at affordable prices
Lana came in to run a full HERS test inspection on the HVAC system in a home. I must say the Poppy energy team are not just great HVAC specialists but are also experts are keeping customers satisfied at affordable prices
Eva T., Home OwnerNorth Highlands, CA
I’m 100% satisfied
Poppy Energy definitely gets my top rating. In preparation for spring, I booked an appointment to check our ducts for any leaks. The team came over to my house after an appointment and did any incredible job with our duct testing. They also guided me and gave me tips and tricks on future energy enhancements. I’m 100% satisfied
Maris S., Residential Home OwnerNew Castle, CA
Honest, transparent and professional!
The entire airflow system of my 30-year home was overhauled and needed to certify the job. Poppy energy had recently done the same for a friend so I contacted them. From the first conversation to final inspection, I love the fact that there was a system of adequate feedback every step of the way. Honest, transparent and professional!
Duke G., Home OwnerFair Oaks, CA
Kudos to a great team
I knew absolutely nothing about the process of getting a Title 24 report compliance report for my building addition, plus I am not so tech savvy but a phone call with Paul put my mind at rest. He was friendly, attentive and quick to explain the process to me. He was just a call away if I had any questions. My report was completed in a few days. Thank you Paul, you are the best! Kudos to a great team and a job done well and on time.
Janet J., Project ManagerRoseville, CA
Highly Impressed
Absolutely the best technical company I have ever experienced! I often do not give reviews but I am highly impressed. I had to reschedule the appointment on such a very short notice but the team was willing to oblige me and even tried to fit in to my schedule
Francis B., Residential Home OwnerRancho Cordova, CA
Made a New Friend
I’m amazed at how quick and smooth the whole process went. My AC was replaced and needed a quality inspection, so I placed a call. Lana showed up at our door about an hour later, discovered the challenge and had it fixed in no time. I enjoyed a great conversation and made a new friend. Poppy energy came highly recommended from a neighbor. I’ll do well to pass on the recommendation as well.
Loretta M., Home OwnerGold River, CA
Showed up within 2 hours
I just had my baby a few weeks back and then my AC unit picked the worst time to fail. After a full HVAC replacement, we needed a full duct test and refrigerant test. I’m especially thankful for the prompt response on a week day though it came in as an emergency. The technician showed up within 2 hours after and did the duct test and refrigerant check in about an hour. Thank you again Lana!
Jamie T., BuilderWest Sacramento, CA
Excellent value for your money
After incurring more financial costs from several retests, Poppy Energy came through and helped us achieve an energy-efficient building at a relatively affordable cost. Poppy energy helped to carry out a Blower’s door tests for one of the building projects I worked on recently. I look forward to working on more projects with them and I will definitely recommend them to others. You are sure to get excellent value for your money.
Reed C., Project ManagerEl Dorado, CA
Keep up the good work!
Paul from Poppy Energy came to do a routine maintenance check on the heat system and AC system of some service apartments. He not only did an excellent job but also recommended additional ways of extending the life of the HVAC equipment. This advice showed he had our best interest at heart. Keep up the good work!
Patricia H., Home OwnerFolsom, CA
Best HERS raters
They are thus far, the best HERS raters I’ve worked with on any building. After the HVAC was fully installed in the building, the HERS Rater by the name Lana did a thorough job checking through air leakages, improper insulation, energy efficiency and other criteria. The house is declared fit just in time for my parents to move in. A great deal of professionalism and courtesy displayed.
Collins O., BuilderCarmichael, CA
I’ve been a customer at Poppy Energy for 6 months now. It’s been quite difficult finding a good HVAC HERS and Duct testing company that I could always count on to deliver all the time. I want to say a huge thank you to the team at Poppy Energy, for being consistent, awesome, dedicated and extremely diligent at their craft. Your excellent and timely service is a game-changer
Sonia, P., Project ManagerLoomis, CA
Efficient, Very Thorough and Professional
I moved in newly to California about half a year back and starting a new building project that required that I carried out a Quality Insulation inspection. I found Poppy Energy as a certified HERS Rater on the CalCert website and booked an appointment with them. They were efficient, very thorough and professional. I will not be using any other HERS Rater any time soon and I will definitely tell my developer friends about Poppy Energy
John M., Home OwnerAntelope, CA
Very Good at What They Do
I’ve used Poppy Energy for my Duct test to my HERS testing to fix an air flow leakage challenge once I found out it was much colder in the attic than inside my home when the AC was on. I must say without bias that they are very good at what they do. The company is great and its employees are always courteous, always willing to help. Thus far, I’ve not had any challenge with their work. Their response time is great and the pricing quite fair. The technicians always take time to troubleshoot, and also explain the cause of repair if need be. I’ll highly recommend them.
Timothy R., BuilderRocklin, CA
Huge Thumbs Up For Poppy Energy
The personnel who came in to carry out the pressure test on my new forced air heating system duly observed strict Covid protocols. He was very efficient, has a sound knowledge of his craft and also very reassuring. A very huge thumb up for Poppy Energy! You are the best.
Steve K., First Home BuilderPenryn, CA
Definitely Recommend
HERS Testing, Title 24 compliance, & CF1R reports all sound like a foreign language to me but this group seems to know their stuff. They don’t seem to mind taking their time to walk you through things and they always seemed to be available when I needed them. I would definitely recommend them without question. Thanks for your help guys. I appreciate it.
Cleveland R., HomeownerAuburn, CA
A++++ service
I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from them. They made sure to complete the duct leakage test quickly and what seemed to be very efficient. I feel a lot better knowing that everything has been brought up to the level it should be. When it comes to peace of mind the cost is priceless. A++++ service.
Robert S., First Home BuilderLoomis, CA
Big Thanks From Me
When dealing with new construction make sure everything is being inspected properly. When I called Poppy Energy, they made sure I understood all the details of what needed to be tested and make sure everything in the house was compliant. I can’t imagine the nightmares that could have happened if they weren’t there to make sure my house was safe, sound, and working properly. They get a big thanks from me.
Kyle B., Home BuyerFolsom, CA
Save You Money in the Long Run
When you buy an older house there are always unforeseen problems. Having this 1960’s ranch house had a lot more issues than you would think for a house that isn’t nearly as old as my grandparents. But when you fall in love with the house you gotta be careful of all the little missteps. Having a quality insulation inspection is paramount to find out where and how warm air or cool air are leaking out of your house. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment sooner than later. It will save you more money in the long run.

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